3D Portraits

Spring 2014 | Kinect, Maya, Mudbox

For the MFA Design and Technology Thesis Show, I worked with Jorge Proaño to create a series of 3D portraits for the thesis website.

We wanted the portraits for our graduating class to be unique and memorable, so the technique of 3D scanning was chosen. The software Skanect was chosen for the scanning process. In order to get a full three-dimensional scan, a Kinect was used to capture all angles of the subject.

The resulting mesh was imported into MeshLab, scaled, rotated, and broken into the correct geometry. A photographic portrait of the subject's face was then mapped onto the 3D geometry in Mudbox. Finally, the mesh was textured, lit, and rendered in Maya.

Overall, over seventy students were scanned. The resulting geometry and textures were open-sourced and made available. They can be used for a wide-range of applications, including WebGL and 3D printing. Find the files on GitHub.

Thanks to the 2014 MFADT Web Committee for the nifty 3D GIF.