Spring 2014 | Web Design, Criticial Design

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Pair is a satirical and fictional company that explores the start-up culture and the inevitable push for technology. The company's description is as follows:

Finding love online is more daunting than it needs to be. That's why we created Pair. It's a way to use the power of science and technology to find your better half.

99.9% of all human DNA is the same. But this tiny leftover fraction, 0.1%, is the source of all the diversity we see in each other. Recent breakthroughs in genomics have allowed us to dig deeper into our genetic structure and to understand more about who we are. By using complex algorithmic processes, we can pinpoint the parts of your DNA that really tell your story.

Next, we search through our databases to find other genetic structures that might compliment your own. Through DNA sequencing, we can determine many different characteristics. These could be physical, such as hair color, but they can also be psychological or emotional.

Whatever the case may be, our team is dedicated to finding your perfect Pair.

Pair was designed with Angelica Jang.