Past & Present

2014 | Javascript, PHP, Node.js, WebGL

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The past is the present. The present is the past.

"How can we create the feeling of sifting through a box of old photos when all of the photos are digital?" It's a nostalgic interaction, but by combining it with digital technologies and services such as Instagram we can make it relevant in our digital lives.

This project is an experiential web application that explores the intersection between the past and the present. It combines nostalgia and data to create a unique way to view your digital content.

Past & Present was created with a variety of different technologies. The experience was primarily coded in Javascript with the amazing Three.js library. Most of the server-side code was written in PHP. MySQL databases were used to store information about the photos in the application. Node.js and were also used to handle the multi-user experience on the site.

All of the source code for this project is freely available on GitHub.